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          Mobile Rubber Asphalt Plant

          AR100M mobile rubber bitumen plant is a new product that is designed for rubber bitumen production. Using waste tire rubber powder and rubber bitumen as pavement material can not only effectively extend the service life of the bituminous pavement but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste tires.

          1) Structure
          ① All production units are reasonably arranged in a semi-trailer tractor, so frequent removing of this rubber bitumen equipment is no longer a problem for customers.
          ② Support legs are installed in the front and back of the semi-trailer chassis to effectively protect tires during operation.
          2) Performance
          ① The built-in thermal conduction oil boiler (300,000kcal/h) can provide the equipment with sufficient heat energy, eliminating the need for external heat source.
          ② The specially designed high speed mixer ensures uniform mixing of rubber powder and base bitumen.
          ③ Double heating (built-in coil and imported burner) results in rapid heating of the rubber bitumen, thus guaranteeing the production.
          ④ The mobile rubber bitumen plant adopts an imported rubber bitumen pump, which ensures stable delivery of high-viscosity rubber bitumen.

          Main Technical Parameters
          Item Specification Unit
          Model AR100M
          Name Mobile Rubber Asphalt Plant
          Productivity 8 T/h
          Total Power of Electrical Equipment ≤60 kw
          Structure Semi-trailer
          Outline Dimensions of Semi-trailer 12970×2500×1291 mm
          Outline Dimensions 12970×2500×3900 mm
          Mixture Ratio Rubber Powder: 10%~20% Bitumen: 90%~80%