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          Asphalt Transport Tank

          Brief Introduction
          Based on the study of other like products, we developed LMT9200GLB, LMT9250GLB, LMT9300GLQB and LMT9450GLB asphalt transport tanks to meet the needs of transporting asphalt during the construction. With special insulation structure and insulation cover wrapped by thermal insulation material, as well as two high power burners, the asphalt transport tank could realize long-distance transport of a wide variety of asphalt with large capacity. All the working devices including the asphalt pump are driven by the hydraulic system. The asphalt transport tank, as one high-tech product, features easy operation and fast construction speed and is an ideal tool for transporting asphalt.

          Technical Parameter
          Name LMT9200GLB LMT9250GLB LMT9230GLB LMT9450GLB
          Overall Dimension 10000×2500×3350 10000×2500×3550 10000×2500×3550 12390×2500×3680
          Tank Capacity (m3) 20 25 30 45
          Complete Loading Weight (KG) 9860 9860 9860 10865
          Wheelbase (mm) 5800+1350 5800+1350 5800+1350 6780+1320+1320
          Wheel Tread (mm) 1850 1850 1850 1840

          Construction Case

          • Construction in Angola